Posted 3/23/12

Basic Science

  • Calories, beauty, and ovulation: The effects of the menstrual cycle on food and appearance-related consumption. Click Here 
  • Effect of calorie restricted diet on brown adipose tissue in mice. Click Here 
  • The winter energetics of the Azores bullfinch and the implications for the restoration of its native laurel forest habitat. Click Here 
  • A handbook for uncovering the complete energetic budget in insects: The van Handel's method (1985) revisited. Click Here 
  • Interplay between thermal and immune ecology: Effect of environmental temperature on insect immune response and energetic costs after an immune challenge. Click Here 
  • Energy balance and its components: implications for body weight regulation. Click Here 
  • Dendritically targeted Bdnf mRNA is essential for energy balance and response to leptin. Click Here 
  • Adenovirus 36 as an obesity agent maintains the obesity state by increasing MCP-1 and inducing inflammation. Click Here 


  • Paternalism, Obesity, and Tolerable Levels of Risk. Click Here 
  • The Effects of Farm Commodity and Retail Food Policies on Obesity and Economic Welfare in the United States. Click Here 
  • Nutritional assessment in tasting menu from molecular gastronomy restaurant. Click Here 
  • Banning all sugar-sweetened beverages in middle schools: Reduction of in-school access and purchasing but not overall consumption. Click Here 
  • Nutritional information disclosure on the menu: Focusing on the roles of menu context, nutritional knowledge and motivation. Click Here 

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral

  • The impact of immigration on child health: experimental evidence from a migration lottery program. Click Here 
  • Insecurity, Inequality, and Obesity in Affluent Societies. Click Here 
  • Tackling inequalities in obesity: a protocol for a systematic review of the effectiveness of public health interventions at reducing socioeconomic inequalities in obesity amongst children. Click Here 
  • Obesity: a disease or a biological adaptation? An update. Click Here 
  • Trial of Prevention and Reduction of Obesity Through Active Living in Clinical Settings: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Click Here 
  • Shape of the BMI-Mortality association by cause of death, using generalized additive models: NHIS 1986-2006. Click Here 
  • Good Aerobic or Muscular Fitness Protects Overweight Men from Elevated Oxidized LDL. Click Here 
  • High-sensitivity C-reactive protein to detect metabolic syndrome in a centrally obese population: a cross-sectional analysis. Click Here 
  • Leptin treatment of patients with anorexia nervosa? The urgent need for initiation of clinical studies. Click Here 
  • Does dieting make you fat? A twin study. Click Here 
  • Race, Location Big Factors in American Diets. Click Here 
  • Is a protein calorie better for weight control? Click Here 
  • Pre-exposure to high- versus low-caloric foods: Effects on children's subsequent fruit intake. Click Here 
  • Effects of catechin-enriched green tea beverage on visceral fat loss in adults with a high proportion of visceral fat: A double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized trial. Click Here 

General Science

  • Golden Age of Alarmism. Click Here 
  • Outcome reporting bias in evaluations of public health interventions: evidence of impact and the potential role of a study register. Click Here 
  • Strengthening and Opening Up Health Research by Sharing Our Raw Data. Click Here 
  • The dark side of creativity: Original thinkers can be more dishonest. Click Here