Posted 2/22/13


  • Tackling overweight and obesity: does the public health message match the science? Click Here
  • Public Health Ethics and Intervening in Non-Communicable Diseases like Obesity. Click Here
  • Relationship between food safety and critical violations on restaurant inspections: an empirical investigation of bacterial pathogen content. Click Here
  • Video: "The Economics and Politics Obesity". Click Here
  • Atwater calorie values being questioned. Click Here
  • FDA Seizes Weight-Loss Supplements. Click Here

Findings Contrary to Hypotheses or Common Beliefs

  • The Importance of Food Deserts to Obesity Questioned. Click Here
  • Eating a larger number of high-salt foods is not associated with short-term risk of acute decompensation in patients with chronic heart failure. Click Here
  • Dietary glycemic index, glycemic load, and digestible carbohydrate intake are not associated with risk of type 2 diabetes in eight European countries. Click Here
  • Beverage consumption patterns did not substantially differ across weight status groups among over 2,000 children. Click Here
  • Contrary to the hypothesis, the "5 a day" goal was more effective than "just 1 more" for increasing FV intake. Click Here
  • No differences were found for weight, BMI, or waist in children consuming pre-sweetened vs non-presweetened cereals. Click Here


  • Turning the analysis of obesity-mortality associations upside down: Modeling years of life lost through conditional distributions. Click Here
  • Fat quantification using multiecho sequences with bipolar gradients: Investigation of accuracy and noise performance. Click Here
  • Rapid quantification of muscle fat content and subcutaneous adipose tissue in fish using MRI. Click Here
  • An automated algorithm to identify and quantify brown adipose tissue in human (18) F-FDG-PET/CT scans. Click Here
  • Using wearable cameras to categorise type and context of accelerometer-identified episodes of physical activity. Click Here
  • Measurement of human activity based on mobile phone's accelerometers. Click Here

Antibiotics & Gut Microbiota

  • Gut Reaction: Can G.I. Bacteria Cause Weight Gain or Loss? Click Here
  • Antibiotics in early life alter the murine colonic microbiome and adiposity. Click Here
  • Can Antibiotics Make You Fat? Click Here

Basic Science - Drugs

  • Effects of risperidone on energy balance in female C57BL/6J mice. Click Here
  • Methylphenidate prevents high-fat diet (HFD)-induced learning/memory impairment in juvenile mice. Click Here
  • Additive feeding inhibitory and aversive effects of naltrexone and exendin-4 combinations. Click Here

Basic Science - Caloric Restriction/Longevity

  • Aging and long-term caloric restriction regulate neuropeptide Y receptor subtype densities in the rat brain. Click Here
  • High carbohydrate-low protein consumption maximizes Drosophila lifespan. Click Here
  • Fasting Launches CRTC to Facilitate Long-Term Memory Formation in Drosophila. Click Here
  • Circulating factors induced by caloric restriction in the nonhuman primate macaca mulatta activate angiogenic processes in endothelial cells. Click Here
  • Low-protein Diet Slows Alzheimer's-like disease in Mice. Click Here

Basic Science - Other

  • Cats differ from other species in their cytokine and antioxidant enzyme response when developing obesity. Click Here
  • High salt recruits aversive taste pathways. Click Here
  • Obesity-susceptibility loci and the tails of the pediatric BMI distribution. Click Here
  • The effects of cocoa supplementation, caloric restriction, and regular exercise, on oxidative stress markers of brain and memory in the rat model. Click Here
  • Timed high-fat diet in the evening affects the hepatic circadian clock and PPAR?-mediated lipogenic gene expressions in mice. Click Here
  • Effect of chronic unpredictable stress on short term dietary restriction and its modulation by multivitamin-mineral supplementation in mice. Click Here
  • Circadian clock linked to obesity, diabetes and heart attacks. Click Here


  • Cannabis and ?(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for weight loss? Click Here
  • RCT: Naltrexone SR/Bupropion SR on weight and obesity-related risk factors(COR-II). Click Here


  • Energy Expenditure, Physical Activity, Body Weight and Body Composition. Click Here
  • Obesity does not impair walking economy across a range of speeds and grades. Click Here
  • RCT: The 24-h Energy Intake of Obese Adolescents Is Spontaneously Reduced after Intensive Exercise in Calorimetric Chambers. Click Here
  • RCT: Incentive-Based Outdoor Physical Activity Program. Click Here


  • When a Calorie Is Not a Calorie. Click Here
  • Bitter, Sweet Taste Preferences May Increase Risk for Metabolic Syndrome. Click Here
  • A Palaeolithic-type diet associated with tissue-specific changes in ectopic fat deposition in obese women. Click Here
  • Book Review: No More Food Fights! by Michele Payne-Knoper An Effort to Balance the Dialogue About Food. Click Here
  • RCT: 12-week behavioral weight loss intervention shows inclusion of commercially available portion-controlled foods helpful. Click Here
  • RCT: The relative carbohydrate and protein content of the diet, when combined with intensive CBT, does not significantly affect attrition rate, weight loss and psychosocial in obesity treatment. Click Here
  • RCT: Alternate day fasting and endurance exercise combine to reduce body weight and favorably alter plasma lipids in obese humans. Click Here


  • Dynamic poverty experiences and development of overweight in a prospective cohort of US children ages 4 to 14. Click Here
  • Children who overreact to stress at higher risk of obesity. Click Here


  • Birth Order Linked to Increased Risk of Diabetes, Metabolic Disorders. Click Here
  • Seminal Research: New Study Says TV Watching Lowers Sperm Count. Click Here
  • Obesity and early mortality in the U.S. Click Here
  • RCT: Ten-week Whole-body Vibration Training Improves Body Composition and Muscle Strength in Obese Women. Click Here

Evolution & Energetics

  • To Favor Survival Under Food Shortage, the Brain Disables Costly Memory. Click Here
  • Phenotypic flexibility in migrating bats: seasonal variation in body composition, organ sizes and fatty acid profiles. Click Here
  • Natural selection and adaptive evolution of leptin. Click Here
  • Introduction, Energy Balance in Animals. Click Here


  • Wired Magazine on Cold and Weight Loss. Click Here
  • Basal metabolic rate, maximum thermogenic capacity and aerobic scope in rodents: interaction between environmental temperature and torpor use. Click Here


  • The Evolution of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior (SSIB). Click Here
  • Audio: Drinking History: 15 Turning Points In The Making Of An American Beverage. Click Here

Research Integrity

  • Restoring Confidence in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Click Here
  • Video: John Ioannidis - Reproducibility of scientific results. Click Here
  • Authors of observational studies often extrapolate their results to make recommendations concerning a medical practice, typically without first calling for a RCT. Click Here
  • Redefine misconduct as distorted reporting. Click Here
  • Does scientific misconduct cause patient harm? The case of Joachim Boldt. Click Here


  • Headless, Hungry, and Unhealthy: A Video Content Analysis of Obese Persons Portrayed in Online News. Click Here
  • Weight-Based Victimization: Bullying Experiences of Weight Loss Treatment-Seeking Youth. Click Here


  • How sugar tunes your clock. Click Here
  • The sugar hypothesis of heart disease never gathered supportive data. Click Here


  • Peter Arner Receives Fernström Foundation Nordic Prize for obesity research. Click Here
  • Garret FitzGerald wins Louis and Artur Lucian Award. Click Here
  • Open Innovation Attacks Childhood Obesity. Click Here
  • Alabama Medical Student Daniel Partain wins William A. Curry, MD, Rural Health Lecture Award for "The Weight of our Rural Communities: Partnering to Reduce Obesity". Click Here
  • New science mega-prize given: Billionaires Anoint Biogeeks. Click Here
  • Course: Addressing Our Pediatric Obesity Epidemic: Research to Health Policy. Click Here